We were established in 1983 upon three generations of a family of builders by Tim Beaty. The diligence of his work and the presence of our company in the construction industry has shaped the landscape of North Central Texas. This impact became evident, as we went from only working in remodeling and residential construction industries, to working in commercial construction and industrial maintenance industries all within one year. We have a long standing passion for improving our community one job at a time, proving ourselves as lifelong area leaders and neighbors that has built our business in service of all phases of construction.

We currently offer new home design, planned development, commercial projects, remodeling of existing homes and commercial buildings, and a variety of construction services not only in Denton County, but in the surrounding DFW residential, commercial, and industrial communities.

Recognized for our dedication, integrity, and quality of work, the mission of our team at Tim Beaty Builders has remained the same for over 33 year: to focus on the quality and usability of each structure for the people that live and work in Denton and the surrounding Dallas-Fort Worth area.


Tim Beaty

Tim Beaty is a third-generation builder who went to work for a multi-family housing developer while attending college, where he worked for seven years advancing from general labor to project superintendent in only two years. In 1983, he formed Tim Beaty Builders, with remodeling jobs in sight and residential construction projects. Since then his practical experience ranges from site work and structural systems through all phases of construction.

His dedication to quality and integrity are foundational tenets of the company, and are largely responsible for its growth and development. Furthering this, he has also applied his dedication in the development of his associates. This is evidenced by the quality and reputation the company enjoys throughout the industry.

David Morton

David Morton has been actively involved in the construction industry for over 41 years and has been with Tim Beaty for over two decades. His experience ranges from owning and operating a mechanical contracting company with over 200 employees, to sales and consulting in the electronic security and fire industry. Morton also has experience in managing a Quality Assurance department for the micro-electronics manufacturing company, as well as general construction.

He has used his degree from the University of North Texas (1978) in Business Administration alongside his vast experience in the construction industry to include ownership and CEO of CBS Mechanical, Inc. (1981), to make a lasting impact on Tim Beaty Builders in 1999. He is an exceptional part of Tim Beaty Builders bringing experience, industry knowledge, and quality work ethic.

Chris Boike

Chris has been with Tim Beaty Builders since 2013, and is an Accounting and Management Professional with 15 plus years of experience on senior management teams. His responsibilities include accounting, finance, and human resources. He has worked in the Construction, Real Estate, Publishing, Maritime, Service, and Non-Profit industries.

Chris is an active Certified Management Accountant (CMA), and a graduate of Spring Hill College holding a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. He has published works in several accounting/financial/economic journals, including, “The CPA Journal.”

Mission and Values

The Beaty Builder Mission:

Our team here at Tim Beaty Builders is driven by our strong lasting customer relationships and their satisfaction. We believe that the simple, yet often unpracticed art of listening effectively to what each customer wants, makes our projects stand out in quality and usability. Our goal is to make your vision come to life, to deliver the finest end results, and to lead the construction industry with our innovation and integrity.


Safety: Building with care and attention to creating an incident free environment is what we are committed to on every project. Safety is always at our highest priority for each other, our family, friends, and clients alike.


We invest in quality people, those who work with character and bring experience, and innovation to each project.


The excellence in our service and the quality of the work we deliver is invaluable to us and executed from the start of each project, to the finish.


We strive to give our customers the absolute best service through our commitment to lasting professional relationships that are built upon open communication, trust, and integrity.


We seek to always be on the cutting edge with the services we provide, and the technology that we use to provide it. nnovation: We seek to always be on the cutting edge with the services we provide, and the technology that we use to provide it.